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Property management.

Britt Beheer keeps an eye out for you

Do you have an apartment, house or villa on Curacao and are you not present there all year round? No problem! Britt Beheer keeps an eye on everything for you.


When you are not on Curaçao, it is nice if there is a reliable contact person who drives past your home weekly for an extensive inspection. We are happy to do that for you!


What does Britt Beheer check for during this inspection?

During this inspection we check all kinds of things, the main ones are listed below. But because every home is unique, we can also provide customization. If you have points that are important to you, we will include them in our inspection. In almost all cases this is simply included in our fee.


​The inspection form

We use an inspection form for the check. This is a checklist on which you can find the date on which we carried out the inspection and what our findings were. We will send you a copy of this form via e-mail upon completion of the inspection.


Water/electricity meter readings

We check the water and electricity levels every week. If remarkable differences are observed, we will carry out an inspection to determine the cause. And if necessary, the problem will be resolved in consultation with you.


Garbage container

Your stay is over and the garbage has not yet been collected. Let us know and we'll make sure the trash can is put out and brought back in on the right day.



We check your letterbox every week and we will let you know via Whatsapp whether any postal items have been received. If you wish, you can let us know whether we should do something with it, such as forwarding.


Alarm follow-up

Is your home equipped with an alarm system and should there have been an unexpected report, we can be the point of contact for this. If desired, we can repair any damage or have it repaired.



We check for traces of fallow, inspect the garden for overgrowth by weeds or fallen trees, check for the presence of vermin such as white ants and check all other points that deserve attention.



 We will flush the toilets, shower and sinks every week to prevent possible pests such as cockroaches.



We check the refrigerator for any products that could spoil and cause an unpleasant surprise. In addition, we will check whether you have switched off the ice cube system (if present) and will empty the reservoir with ice cubes.


Water damage/leaks

We check the entire house inside and out for water damage caused by a leaking roof, broken pipes or strong wind.


Watering the plants

Do you have a few plants in your home? No problem. Britt Beheer gives them a splash of water every week.


Drip system

Many homes on Curaçao use a drip system for watering the garden. Britt Beheer regularly checks whether it still functions properly.

Shopping service 

You finally arrive back at your home in Curaçao after a long flight. How nice is it if your refrigerator and pantry are already stocked with the necessities of life. Britt Beheer will collect the desired products for you from the nearest supermarket (up to a maximum of 200 Naf). If you would like to use this service, please send us your shopping list at least 4 days before arrival.

Minor maintenance 

Minor maintenance such as replacing a lamp, changing batteries or setting the time on the oven are simply included in the Britt Beheer rate. We only calculate the purchase costs of, for example, the lamp or the batteries. Of course you can pass on your wishes to us.


​General maintenance

For work that also falls under the heading of ''minor maintenance'' but that takes a little more time, such as replacing a lock or hanging a lamp, Britt Beheer only charges the actual time required for the applicable hourly rate. . So no extra call-out costs or minimum rates of an hour. Half an hour of work is really half an hour of work. For minor maintenance costs exceeding Naf 200, Britt Beheer will first contact you for permission. Of course you can also pass on your wishes to us for this.


Major maintenance

In the long run, your home will need major maintenance. For example, think of painting or replacing a fence. We do some of the maintenance ourselves. If necessary, Britt Beheer works together with specialized and reliable companies. In both cases you will be offered a neat quote. We will of course only work with your permission. If the work is outsourced, we will provide supervision.


Broadly speaking 

Above is a broad outline of what Britt Beheer can do for you in the management of your home. But of course every home and situation is different. We always try to provide customization and to meet your specific wishes as much as possible. You can trust us with your home management!



Are you interested in our services or have further questions? Then don't hesitate and contact us today!


Weekly inspection
Shopping service
Hourly rate general maintenance

250,- Naf per month

  50,- Naf + receipt
  55,- Naf per hour

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