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Our team.

Nice of you to take a look at Britt Beheer Curaçao!

My name is Britt Post and I grew up in the cozy Amstelveen.
After my training as an all-round beautician, I worked for the past three years as a skin specialist at a salon in Amsterdam South. Although this work has given me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, I still thought it was time for a new challenge. The helm has completely changed and together with Justin I moved to wonderful Curaçao.

I think it is extremely important that trust is number one at Britt Beheer. The contact with our clients must be optimal. And as cliché as it may sound, the dynamics between customer and manager must feel right. That's what I'm aiming for.
After all, it is your property that is entrusted to our care!

- Britt Post -

Britt Post - Britt Beheer Curaçao
Britt Post
Justin Sijpkens - Britt Beheer Curaçao
Justin Sijpkens

Welcome to Britt Beheer Curaçao.

My name is Justin Sijpkens and I grew up in Vinkeveen. Since 2010, I have been coming to Curaçao every year, the fantastic country that I have been in love with from day one. After running a successful company in the Netherlands for several years, I decided to move to beautiful Curaçao together with Britt.

After hearing many stories about different administrators, we thought:
That should be better!

That is how we started Britt Beheer Curaçao.

The management company where service & reliability are of paramount importance.

- Justin Sijpkens -

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