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Rental management.

As a specialist in property management, Britt Beheer also offers a rental service. If you want to rent out your property, you can do so through us.


​There is a lot to consider when renting out your home. Britt Beheer is happy to take all the work involved off your hands.


​​Checking in your Guests

When the guests arrive at your home, we are ready to receive them.

We give them an extensive tour and explanation about the house.

The guests receive the keys from us and we take care of the agreed deposit.

If desired, we provide a small welcome package.

(Check-in from 17:00)


​Check out of your guests

When the stay of your guests is over, we will make an appointment in time for the check-out.

Together with your guests, we check the house for any defects.

If something is broken or missing, this will be deducted from the deposit if necessary.

On request, we can arrange transportation to take your guests back to Hato.

(Check out by 10:00 am)



Britt Beheer also takes care of the cleaning of your home.

We work together with a permanent team of cleaners.

Although we have carefully chosen these people, they will never work alone in your home.

There is always someone from Britt Beheer present to supervise and ensure a good quality of the work.

The cost of cleaning depends on the number of rooms.

Note: We use a maximum of 30 minutes for cleaning the BBQ. If it takes more time, we charge our hourly rate for general maintenance at 55,- Naf per hour


​Laundry service

Britt Beheer takes the dirty laundry to the launderette and collects the clean laundry again, and ensures that it is stored in the right place again.


​Rental car

Britt Beheer works together with various car rental companies.

If desired, we can help your guests to reserve their rental car.

With their own rental car, your guests can explore the entire island, do their shopping and have a drink at one of the happy hours.


​Full administration / management

Britt Beheer can take care of the rental process for you from start to finish.

We provide information about availability and arrange the reservation.

Of course we respect your wishes with regard to the tenants.

You can contact us directly with all questions about the house, or, for example, transport to and from Hato.


Also during the stay guests can call us with all their questions or any problems with the house.

We also take care of all administrative actions such as payment of tourist tax, placing any advertisements, or payments to third parties such as or Airbnb.


At the end of the month you will receive an invoice from us.

This invoice states the full rental income minus the specified costs incurred by us.

We will transfer this amount to your bank account as soon as possible.

Please note: the owner is responsible for the declaration and payments of the taxes applicable on Curaçao.


Broadly speaking

Above is a broad outline of what Britt Beheer's rental service can offer you. Of course, every home and situation is different and here too we strive for customization. All this in close consultation with the client. Our goal is to completely unburden you..



Are you interested in our services or have further questions? Then don't hesitate and contact us today!


Checking in your quests
Checking out your quests
Welcome package*


100,- Naf
100,- Naf
  50,- Naf
    9,- Naf per kilo

Type of house
Studio / 1-bedroom apartment

2-bedroom house

3-bedroom house
4 or more bedroom home

Rental fee
15,- Naf per night
20,- Naf per night
25,- Naf per night
30,- Naf per night

Cleaning fee
125,- Naf
150,- Naf
175,- Naf
+25,- Naf per room extra

Interim cleaning**
  75,- Naf

100,- Naf
125,- Naf
+25,- Naf per room extra

* Welcome pack includes:
A card with a personal welcome message from you as the owner.
1 bottle of white wine - 6x beers - 3x can of soda - 1 bottle of water - bag of chips - bag of nuts/peanuts

** Interim cleaning:
Mandatory for stays longer than 7 nights, or earlier on request.

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